"The most significant advance in running training since the original interval training."

What is the 'New Interval Training'?

What is the 'New Interval Training'?

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What was the original 'Interval Training'?

What was the original 'Interval Training'?

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Turn your sessions into New Interval Training

Turn your sessions into New Interval Training

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Welcome to New Interval Training

Break through your personal speed barriers using the New Interval Training method, which is a truly appropriate method for runners of all ages. It is as appropriate for recreational runners who want to improve and develop their fitness as it is for Olympians and for professional athletes. This website will take you through the background of how, over the past 35 years, Peter Thompson developed 'Lactate Dynamics Training' (1994) and the 'New Interval Training' (1995). More than that, it will show you how to create New Interval Training sessions for yourself. And, for those who are interested, it links the scientific basis to why this method is so effective and ground-breaking.

  • runner bulletRun faster for longer at all distances as your running economy and other critical performance factors all improve
  • runner bulletUnderstand why the clear distinction between 'Interval training' and 'Repetition training' is so vitally important and why it's called the New Interval Training
  • runner bulletTraining effects occur specifically during the active roll-on recovery intervals between the faster runs
  • runner bulletDuring the active roll-on recovery intervals the body's metabolism is trained to develop more energy, more quickly
  • runner bulletActive roll-on recovery intervals train the body to both utilise and clear lactate so your body will become more efficient and powerful at using lactate as a fuel for energy production
  • runner bulletUnderstand why some existing training methods have been effective in the past and learn how to make these more effective.

For all Runners and all Athletes

Although this website focuses on the application of 'Lactate Dynamics Training' and the 'New Interval Training' methods to running environments and training, the principles are appropriate and applicable to most activities and sports.

"Why would someone plant the seeds of a tree the shade of which they will never see?" - Greek proverb

This is a non-commercial website that charts the story and history of Peter John L. Thompson's innovation and development of 'Lactate Dynamics Training' (1994) and the 'New Interval Training' (1995) methods. The purpose is to share this information for the benefit of each of you. All of the original material on this website may be used in any situation to plan the development of an individual's or group's fitness, from recreational to Olympian levels, from amateur to professional. All that is asked of you is that you always recognise and clearly show your source as on any and all of the material you choose to use. Thank you for that support.

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